Nan Vernon

Not forgotten!

I found the album Manta Ray in a used record store, and played the heck out of it on a radio show I used to have. I wish she'd made more albums. If she had gone the direction of the song "Manta Ray" I think she'd be up there among the goddesses*. As it is, she's an extrememly worthy apostle.

I scanned in the CD of Manta Ray. Click for large to VERY large versions.

Nan Vernon links:

My (unauthorised) Mirror of Matthew Tiller's site
(sorry, I was THRILLED to find it, but the pop-ups and banner ads were driving me batty)

Matthew Tiller's Nan Vernon site
(Chock full of good information and photos, but beware of a zillion pop-ups)

Ectophile's Guide to Good Music page on Nan

There are lots of tiny bits and pieces if you just search "Nan Vernon."

Nan's father was the actor John Vernon, who died February 1, 2005. Even if the name doesn't ring a bell, you've almost certainly seen him. His most memorable role was Dean Wormer in Animal House. Here's a very good obituary in the Washington Post.

* (my personal musical goddesses being Kate Bush, Happy Rhodes, and Jane Siberry)